R.E.A.C.T. Arcadia Valley
Luke 16 Corp
The primary facility offering the services listed below will be known as The Showroom.  This is to incorporate the history of the building as an auto dealership with the focus on Iron County businesses.  Residents and visitors can be exposed to attractions in the area as well as businesses (mainly in the Arcadia Valley).  Some businesses will be located in the Showroom while others will be featured by displays, signage, and other advertising materials.
The following will be offered initially:
1. A coffee shop operated with the intent to recruit and train youth that need to have training in the area of customer service and other soft skills (those beyond learning the technical aspects of a job).  At the end of their training, they will receive a certificate indicating that they are job-ready. 

2. A training facility that will focus on IT skills.  This area will also offer rental arrangements for those who are already engaged in software development.

3. Rental space for existing businesses that need to take the next step of having a commercial local rather than working out of their homes.

4. Advertising space for local businesses.  Rental spaces will be available at a minimal charge, and those who do not choose to pay will be put in a less visible, rotating basis.

5. Incubated space for those businesses that require special support and/or an opportunity to participate in a start-up situation.  Varying levels of financial participation will be made available.

6. Existing residential and commercial tenants will be retained.