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The Team
     Nathan McKie, the founder of Luke 16 corp, is a serial entrepreneur. Not all of these ventures were successful. The journey to this point has been strengthened by unsuccessful experiences, for we learn more from our “failures” than our successes (if we are paying attention).

Nathan is a veteran of teaching as well. This included Sunday School classes (Grade 4 through adult) and 30+ week courses on the Bible and Christian Doctrine. He has taught college courses in the classroom and on-line in Marketing, Business Ethics, and Small Business Management.

Probably, most important is that he has been on many short-term mission trips and has been involved in Habitat for Humanity projects. These experiences taught him that these well-intentioned efforts do essentially nothing for helping people get out of poverty. His thinking was bolstered by reading several very important books on how the only real solution for helping people get out of poverty is by creating jobs that allow them to work their way out. Additionally, it has become clear that this is the only way that restores dignity to the individual and gives them value by their contribution to society.

Nathan has recently published a book that provides a map, of sorts, to lead people on a journey to success in mission activity. The title is The Dignity of Profit: Creating Community through Entrepreneurship published by Xulon Press.‚Äč



The Team